The Breakroom
The Breakroom
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Welcome to The Breakroom

Transformation five minutes at a time


This safe space gives hairdressers the opportunity to explore their uniqueness through personal and professional development.

The Checklist. Check it twice.

  • Create your profile and add your type. GO AHEAD, ADD A PIC.
  • Browse Topics and choose one of interest, OR TWO OR THREE…
  • Start chatting with group members. SO MUCH IN COMMON!
  • Say hello to your host. TALK, LISTEN, GROW.
  • Ready? SET. GO!

One more thing. The rules of the roost.

  1. Be respectful. Be kind. Be constructive.
  2. Help keep the community supportive.
  3. Share. Share, and Share some more.

Need Help?

Questions about the app and how to use it? Look at our F.A.Q. post here.

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